It’s in their gene

20 Aug

The other day, after a quick dinner and a little break my hubby told our princess C, who was cuddling with him, “OK, sweetie, daddy have to go back to work.” He meant he was going to work on the laptop but probably she thought he was going his office. Princess C said, “I want to go to work too!” Then interesting conversation started. Below is the conversation they had.


D: Why do you want to go to work?

C: Because, I want pink dollars and pink money.

D: Pink money? Why do you want money?

C: ‘Cause, I want pink dollars to come home.

D: What are you going to do with them, are you going to save them, or spend them?

C: uhhh, spend them.

D: What are you going to buy?

C: Pink shoes.

D: What else?

C: Pink toys.

D: Ok, I got the picture, you want all of them to be pink.

C: Yap, I want all of them pink!


OK, I understand, she is crazy about pink, but pink dollars? Mind you, she hasn’t have her 3rd birthday yet. When did she learn the word “dollars”? And shoes! It’s got be in the female gene…





One Response to “It’s in their gene”

  1. Amy August 20, 2008 at 9:25 pm #

    So cute, what a doll!

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